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VPS PT is a RF (contactless) smart card reader specially designed for public transportation services. VPS - PT is connected to mobile transreceiver with connector RS 232. By RS 232 more than one reader on the same vehicle can communicate with outside world. VPS - PT supplies the power from the vehicle accumulator. According to accelerate transition at the entry one or more readers can be assembled to the vehicle.
VPS - PT reader decredits the payment from the passenger card without a back-up unit. The display located on the reader guides and facilitates the system usage and shows the payment messages to the passenger. The data stored on the reader memory can easily be transmitted and reported to a local or/and central computer according to the application needs.

Key Features:
  • According to ISO 14443 A standart reading , processing the smart card data and re-writing data to card.
  • Restoring the RF communication failures (errors) on the card. 
  • Back-light graphic LCD display with 4 x 20 character capacity.
  • High-secure, reliable and for smart card key and encyription structure 
  • The key pairs used in communication can be stored in the SAM slots 
  • Voice notice 
  • Standard 1 Mbyte, optional 2-4 Mbyte memory area.
  • Real time clock
  • In system programming
  • Operational heat -20 to +85 C
  • Operational dampness (moisture) %100
  • Programmable keypad 2 functional / 10 numerical

Customer Benefits

  • Highly secure system with fast transaction times operating as stand-alone or as a part of a larger multifunctional system.
  • Highly customizable

    Market Sector Opportunities
  • Government Public Transportation projects
  • Private Transportation Organizations
  • Other Loyalty Based Projects