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VPS 2 AC is a contactless (RF) smart card reader specially designed for public transportation services as subway, public buses, trains, and controlling the restricted passings. The screen located on reader guides and facilitates the system usage and shows the payment messages to the passenger. The data stored on the reader memory can easily be transmitted and reported to a local or/and central computer according to the application needs.

Key Features:

  • According to ISO 14443 A standarts reading , processing the electronic data on the smart card and re-writing data to card.

  • Restoring the RF communication failures (errors) on the card. 

  • Graphic LCD monitor (4 x 20)

  • High-security and reliablity.

  • Regulable voiced informing (warning) structure.

  • Online working structure with local or central PC.S

  • Standart 1 Mbyte, optional 2-4 Mbyte memory area.

  • Real time clock

  • In system programming

  • Working heat -20 to +85 C

  • Working dampness (moisture) %100

  • Relay feature

  • 24 VDC external power supply

  • 40 passengers per minute

  • Loading appliation software and parametric data from local PC.

  • The key pairs used in communication can be stored in the SAM slot