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[ Vending Machine Stok Conrol Module ]

VPS 1.2-VM is a module supporting a wide range of executive or electro-mechanically operated vending machines reporting sales, stocks and frauds directly to management centre on GPRS communication .

Key Features 
   Data Storage:
  • Up to 1Mbyte internal data storage, (solid state disk)
  • Up to 32K E2PROM

    Processing Power:
  • 16-bit core with suspend facility and RTCC,
  • 256Kbyte Operating system (Flash, Field Programmable)

    Communication Capabilities:
  • One IR receiver (for maintaining purpose),
  • One RS-232 compatible serial communication port,
  • One RS-485 compatible network port
  • GPRS

    Dedicated Connections:
  • Mars Electronic Protocol A compatible port,
  • Coin mechanism communication (10 Pin)
  • Electro-mechanic System Interface (4-Input 2-output)

    Power Supply:
  • 9V-35V DC,
  • 9V-24V AC.

    Customer Benefits:
  • Reduces service costs
  • Reduces frauds
  • Reduces sale lost with real time reporting
  • Easy to integrate to SMS alert infrastructure
  • Optional circuit architecture to every vending-machine with-out any change on physical appearance.
  • Friendly user interface