>>Products-->VPS1- Vending Machine Module

VPS 1 interfaces with a wide range of executive or electro-mechanically operated vending machines to either compliment or provide an alternative to conventional coin handling. VPS 1 accepts both ISO standards contactless and contact chipcards. Different configurations are available to provide users with a personal spend amount and/or a discounted, subsidised or department spend. These facilities might be used to offer free drinks at specific times on a specific vending machines or discounts on certain vends during set periods, plus many other options

Key Features

  • USC Reader:
  • Compatible with all synchronous & asynchronous smart cards 
  • ISO7816 and EMV compatible
  • Human Body Model ESD resistant (15KV),
  • Compatible with 5v cards
  • Landing type reader

    Contactless Reader:
  • Mifare Technology
  • ISO 14443 Compatible

    Capable of handling 3 SAM modules:
  • ISO7816 and EMV compatible,
  • Compatible with 5v cards,

    User Interface:
  • 2x16 LCD with software backlight and contrast adjustment,
  • Sounder (400Hz to 8KHz),
  • 4x4 Keypad.

    Data Storage:
  • Up to 1Mbyte internal data storage, (solid state disk)
  • Up to 32K E2PROM
  • Processing Power:
  • 16-bit core with suspend facility and RTCC,
  • 256Kbyte Operating system (Flash, Field Programmable)
  • Communication Capabilities:
  • One IR receiver (for maintaining purpose),
  • One RS-232 compatible serial communication port,
  • One RS-485 compatible network port
  • Optional GPRS modem for mobile communication
  • Dedicated Connections:
  • Mars Electronic Protocol A compatible port,
  • Coin mechanism communication (10 Pin)
  • Electro-mechanic System Interface (4-Input 2-output)
  • Power Supply:
  • 9V-35V DC,9V-24V AC.

Customer Benefits

  • Highly secure system with fast transaction times operating as stand-alone or as a part of a larger multifunctional system.
  • Total flexiblity with all the additional benefits of a system operating with cash in advance of purchases.
  • Providing additional options and facilities to vending machine users.
  • Cash reconciliation make easy and problems eliminated from lost or stolen cards

Market Sector Opportunities

  • Vending Machine Installers
  • Corparate and Campus Applications
  • Service Providers
  • Leisure Clubs
  • Hospitals 
  • Shopping Centers