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SecuGen® SAFsolution - Workstation Edition is a biometric security solution that enables users to access their Windows NT/2000/XP workstations and LAN-based networks with
their fingerprints.

Used together with SecuGen peripherals, SAFsolution eliminates the inconvenience of text-based passwords and provides a more reliable form of verifying identity.

SAFsolution is the product of over ten years of biometric software experience and provides the most sought-after functions in an advanced biometric authentication product.

- Fingerprint logon for Windows workstations 
- Fingerprint-secured screensaver 
- Practice Utility lets users practice fingerprint enrollment and verification before activating biometrics security 
- Optional Fast Login replaces the text-based network logon window with a convenient fingerprint logon window that doesn't require a user name 
- Support for multiple users on a single workstation   

Users concerned with information security or password management will find this product a convenient, easy-to-install solution for replacing text-based passwords. If necessary, users can also maintain a text-based logon as an alternative to the biometric logon while running SAFsolution. This gives users the maximum convenience and flexibility for more efficient computing.

System Requirements 
- Pentium I 120 MHz 
- 64 MB RAM 
- 64 MB Hard Disk Space 
- Windows NT 4, 2000 or XP Professional 
- High Encryption Pack 
- Any SecuGen peripheral