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SecuGen® SAFsolution - Enterprise Edition is a server-based biometric security solution that enables users to logon to their workstations and Windows® domains with their fingerprints.

Used together with SecuGen peripherals, SAFsolution eliminates the inconvenience of textbased passwords and provides a more reliable form of verifying identity.

Enhanced auditing and flexible enrollment capabilities provide added convenience, control and fast deployment for network administrators.

SAFsolution Enterprise Edition was designed and tested specifically for Microsoft® Active Directory® integration to provide the highest level of scalability and resiliency required by most large enterprise networks

 - Fingerprint logon for Windows workstations and domains 
- Practice Utility lets users practice fingerprint enrollment and verification before activating biometrics security 
- Optional Fast Login replaces the text-based network logon window with a convenient fingerprint logon window that doesn't require a user name 
- Self-Enroll lets users establish a biometric account on their workstation without administrative assistance 
- Disconnected Login lets users logon to their workstations in the absence of a network connection while maintaining the security of their account. 
- User Authority Delegation allows multiple authorized users to share a common identity without compromising audit and administrator control 
- Event Auditing logs biometric events through an audit console integrated into the Event Viewer in Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 

- Significantly improves network security 
- Increases convenience for end-users: no passwords to remember 
- Virtually eliminates password-related Help Desk calls 
- Allows for rapid roll-out and requires minimal end-user training, thanks to user-friendly Practice Utility and Self-Enroll tool 
- Yields long term return on investment, due to open systems standards-based architecture 

Tight Integration with Microsoft Active Directory 
SecuGen SAFsolution Enterprise Edition tightly integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to allow administrators to secure network and workstation access. 

Active Directory, which is an essential component of the Windows 2000 architecture, presents organizations with a directory service designed for distributed computing environments. 

Active Directory allows organizations to centrally manage and share information on network resources and users while acting as the central authority for network security. 

System Requirements Server 
- Pentium II 450 MHz 
- 256 MB RAM 
- 100 MB Hard Disk Space 
- Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server or DataCenter Server 
- High Encryption Pack Client 
- Pentium I 120 MHz 
- 64 MB RAM 
- 64 MB Hard Disk Space 
- Windows NT 4, 2000 or XP Professional 
- Any SecuGen peripheral