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SecuGen OPP02SecuGen FDA02FDA02 processing board

Robust design, proven performance and affordability make SecuGenŽ sensors the best choice for the most demanding fingerprint recognition applications.





Stand-Alone (embedded CPU) USB

Included Components

- Optic module (SecuGen OPP02)
- Processing board w/ CPU
- 4 MB Flash memory (supports over 4,400 users)
- 9-pin cable (C1)
- Optic module (SecuGen OPP02)
- USB interface board
- USB cable

Typical Applications

Remote locations and stand-alone devices that do not require a computer connection, such as door locks & access control systems Integration with devices, such as PC peripherals, controlled by or interfaced with computers
New Features and Improvements
- Improved stability
- Reduced error rates
- 1:N matching capability
- 40% less power consumption
- Over 8,800 template storage capacity
- Image quality feedback capability
- Smart Capture
> Works under direct, bright light
> Automatically detects finger
> Accepts wet fingerprints
> Automatically adjusts image quality
- Reduced error rates
- Greater image contrast
- USB bulk mode
- Support for multiple devices connected at once
- Device Recognition capability via unique, internal device ID
Compatibility with earlier models Fully compatible with FDA01 Fully compatible with FDU01 (requires updated FDU02 drivers)
Developer Kits FDA02 Developer Kit Software Developer Kits (SDK)
Technical Specifications


About SecuGen Sensors' Quality

Years of real-world use, integration into thousands of products, and use by real-world people have all proven the quality and reliability of SecuGen sensors.

The FDA02 and FDU02 fingerprint recognition sensors now feature second-generation optic modules that work even better with dry and difficult-to-use fingerprints, such as worn and aged skin, thanks to a higher signal-to-noise ratio compared to earlier modules.


At the heart of all SecuGen fingerprint sensors is a patented optical module, featuring a virtually indestructible prism sensor. From the sensor surface to the internal lens and electronic components, these sensors were designed to be strong and dependable to deliver consistent performance for a wide range of applications.

SecuGen's rugged sensors were tested under extreme conditions, simulating the possible environments in which your applications may operate. These sensors have been proven to perform in high-traffic and outdoor conditions and resist exposure to:

- Subfreezing temperatures, arid and tropical climates
- Electrostatic discharge (shock)
- Impact, vibration, shock and scratches to prism surface
- Various contaminants and corrosives such as sweat, dirt, oil and cleaning agents


SecuGen sensors produce very high accuracy rates. An innovative optic design yields distortion-free images from which data points are used for matching.

High quality images mean greater precision, less false rejection, less false acceptance, and better overall performance.

In a recent independent test by International Biometric Group of major biometric products, SecuGen's sensor achieved 0.0% false acceptance and 0.0% false rejection rates.


Unlike semiconductor-based sensors and competitive optical sensors in the market, SecuGen's sensor prism is made of a hard quartz-like material that resists scratches, stress and corrosion.

There are no coatings to maintain or disturb. Additionally, the optic parts are tightly assembled so that if the sensors are ever dropped, there is no need for re-calibration.


SecuGen designs, develops and produces its own fingerprint sensors. With streamlined mass production capabilities and global distribution centers in North America and Asia,

SecuGen can easily meet the growing demands for its versatile sensors while ensuring top-level product quality.