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A comprehensive collection of a variety of software developer kits and tools based on SecuGen's advanced, minutiae-based fingerprint recognition technology.

Easy to integrate
This powerful collection of developer kits and tools allow programmers to quickly and easily build or add-on to software applications that incorporate SecuGen fingerprint recognition technology.

Flexible for most development needs
The SDK Collection contains a variety of high- and low-level API packages, support a wide range of operating systems and are compatible with the SecuGenŽ family of fingerprint peripherals.

Valuable tools
The SDK Collection also includes valuable tools for developing leading-edge biometric applications, including SecuSearch, a fast 1-to-many matching engine; SecuGen BioAPI BSP, for BioAPI-compliant programs; and the new SecuMatchingEngine MT for multi-threaded applications.

FDx SDKs - updated!
Low-level APIs for Windows 9x through XP, CE, Linux and DOS.
SecuBSP SDKs - updated!
High-level APIs for Windows 9x through XP and CE.
SecuSearch SDK - updated!
One to many (1:N) matching for Windows 9x through XP. Licensed separately.
SecuGen BioAPI BSP - updated!
BioAPI compliant BSP module for Windows 9x through XP.
SecuMatchingEngine MT - New!
Verification library for multi-threaded applications.
Technical Support and Materials - updated!
Fast-response development support and complete documentation
Data sheet (PDF)
Device Drivers (Windows 9x through XP)

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Purchase Information
SecuGen's SDK Collection is sold only through SecuGen. Compatible peripherals are sold separately, either directly from SecuGen or through authorized resellers. For more information about purchasing the SDK Collection, please call us or complete the partner application form.

SDK Licensing
Purchase of the SDK collection allows its use for testing and development purposes. For commercial use, paid licenses are required.

Partnering with SecuGen as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) provides sales and marketing benefits when you resell SecuGen peripherals along with your solution. For more information about becoming an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner, please visit our partner page.

Contents of SecuGen SDK Collection Release 6


  • Provides low-level APIs for image capture, feature extraction and matching
  • Processes fingerprints into 400 byte encrypted template
  • Gives the most flexibility for developers of all kinds of applications
  • Uses simple, small libraries
  • Includes all necessary header and library files
  • Includes Developer Manuals and Distribution Guides


FDx SDK - Windows
FDx SDK - Windows CE 3.0

System Requirements

- IBM compatible PC 486 or later
- 16 MB RAM
- 20 MB Hard disk space
- Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/Me/2000/XP
- Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Development System:
- Windows NT/2000

Development Tools:
- Platform Builder 3.0 or above
- Embedded Visual Tools 3.0 or above
- Active Sync 3.0 or above

Target System:
- x86 compatible (CEPC, GeodeGX)
- Windows CE 3.0 or above
- 600 KB runtime memory
- 300 KB ROM

Sample Programs - Hardware Test
- Fingerprint Identification Demo
- Fingerprint Matching Demo
- Fingerprint encryption text editor
- Test Program
SecuGen Device Compatibility - All USB
- All Parallel
- USB Hamster only


FDx SDK - Linux

System Requirements

- IBM compatible Pentium II, 350 MHz
- 128 MB RAM
- 20 MB Hard disk space
- Linux kernel 2.4
- x86 compatible

Sample Source Code

- C++ - Visual C++6.0
- Borland C++5.0
Sample Programs - Fingerprint Matching Demo - Test Program (in Visual C++)
SecuGen Device Compatibility - All Parallel - All Parallel



  • Provides high-level APIs for enrollment/registration and verification based on SecuAPI specification
  • Provides low-level APIs for fingerprint capture, processing, template creation and matching
  • Provides optimized Enrollment and Verification graphical user interfaces (GUI) for quickest development and shortest time to market
  • Processes fingerprints into secure and flexible Fingerprint Identification Record (FIR)
    - Stores raw images and/or minutiae data
    - Stores up to 10 fingerprints in one FIR
    - Uses 128-bit encryption
  • Includes all necessary header and library files
  • Includes Developer Manuals, SecuAPI Reference Manual and Distribution Guides


SecuBSP SDK - Windows
SecuBSP SDK - Windows CE
System Requirements

- Pentium processor or later
- Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/Me/2000/XP
- Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP

For web development:
- Web server IIS 4.0
- Web brownser IE 5.0

Development System:
- Pentium processor or later
- Windows NT/2000

Development Tools:
- Embedded Visual Tools 3.0
- Active Sync 3.0

Target System:
- x86 compatible (CEPC, GeodeGX)
- Windows CE 3.0
- 600 KB runtime memory
- 300 KB ROM

Sample Source Code and Programs - C/C++
- Visual Basic (SecuBSP COM)
- Embedded Visual C/C++
SecuGen Device compatibility - All USB
- All Parallel
- USB Hamster only

Additional Features

- SecuGen device-independent structure
- Device enumeration & auto-detection
- Customizable skin/UI
- Payload functions
- Self-protection via DLL signing
- Utility for convering FDx template to FIR format
- SecuBSP COM for Web and RAD tool developer

- Payload functions


SecuSearch SDK - Windows

  • 1-to-many (1:N) matching engine for identification for developing fast and accurate fingerprint searching programs
  • Optimized APIs for fingerprint registration and searching so that programmers can quickly and easily build fingerprint search systems
  • Innovative high-speed matching algorithm, for search speeds of about 10,000 fingerprints per second in a PC environment
  • Accurate fingerprint matches are provided through candidate match lists with corresponding degrees of matching (confidence levels)
  • Works with applications made using
    - FDx SDK
    - SecuBSP SDK
    - FDA01/02 DK (embedded sensor)
  • Includes sample programs made with
    - C++ Builder
    - VC_ODBC
    - FDx SDK
    - SecuBSP SDK
  • Includes Developer Manual, License File Guide and Distribution Guide

System requirements

  • Pentium 400 MHz or higher
  • Windows NT/2000
  • 256 MB System memory or higher
  • User database size-dependant RAM (i.e. 15 MB for 100 users; 207 MB for 20,000 users)


  • Requires license file to run
  • Free evaluation license (30-days) is available upon request
  • Permanent license is sold separately


SecuGen BioAPI BSP

  • Biometric Service Provider (BSP) module for developing BioAPI-compliant applications that work with SecuGen peripherals in Windows environments
  • Complies with BioAPI Specification version 1.1
  • Tested with BioAPI Reference Implementation version 1.1
  • Includes
    - Runtime modules
    - INI file
    - Skin modules
    - BioAPI sample application
    - User Manual

About BioAPI

  • BioAPI is a standardized biometric API designed to be compatible with a wide range of biometric application programs and biometric technologies.
  • The BioAPI runtime framework allows applications to interoperate with various biometric solutions.
  • Link to the BioAPI Consortium website.


SecuMatchingEngine MT

  • Fingerprint verification library (DLL) designed for multi-threaded programs
  • Used for matching in server side
  • Data format compatible with FDx SDK series
  • Includes
    - Header and library files
    - Sample files in Visual C++6.0
    - Developer Manual


Technical Support and Materials

  • Complete documentation (over 400 pages)
    - Developer Manuals - Updated!
    - Reference Manuals - Updated!
    - Distribution Guides - New!
    - User Guides - Updated!
    - Product Guides- New!
  • Telephone and email support
  • SecuGen Developer Network (SGDN)
  • Free software upgrades (one year)