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SecuDesktop®2000 v1.24 is SecuGen's unique fingerprint biometric security solution for Windows-based desktop and laptop PCs.

SecuDesktop2000 is used with SecuGen's award-winning fingerprint peripherals and offers some of the most advanced desktop biometric technology available today to safeguard your information resources against unauthorized intrusion.

To access your computer, protect confidential files, or to unlock your screensaver, simply use your fingerprint instead of a password!

All User Functions

Fingerprint logon to local workstations, desktop or laptop computers.

Allows users to quickly and easily logon to a local workstation using their fingerprints. Users have the choice of using only their fingerprint (identification method) or a combination of user ID and fingerprint (verification method) to logon.


Fingerprint-activated, 128-bit encryption to secure any data file you choose.

Allows users to encrypt and decrypt data files using fingerprints to identify themselves as the owner of the folders and files contained inside. Once encrypted, the selected folder can be opened, moved, or deleted only by the user who encrypted it. A "do not encrypt" feature offers user-specified folders protection against accidental encryption or encryption by other users.

- Uses powerful 128-bit encryption algorithm
- Provides Copy/Paste/Drag-and-Drop automatic encryption and decryption between SecuFolders and standard Windows folders
- Allows user groups to share folders and files
- Protects deleted files from intrusion
- Prevents Windows OS and system folders from being encrypted
- Allows folders to be marked as "non-encryptable" to prevent unintentional encryption

Fingerprint-secured screen saver lock

SecuSaver is a fingerprint-secured screen saver that locks your computer when activated and requires a user's fingerprint to release the lock.

- Works with all Windows screen savers
- Can be configured for single user or multiple user unlock authorization
Administrator Functions

Management console that controls the functions and settings of SecuDesktop 2000

SecuManager provides centralized access to the core features and functions of SecuDesktop 2000, depending on the authority level of a given user and allows administrators to manage system configuration and registered user information.

These include user management functions, system configuration, and system recovery. SecuManager allows users an easy way to run the programs that make up the SecuDesktop 2000 application suite, including SecuFolder, SecuSaver, and SecuViewer.

Basic functions like folder encryption/decryption and file sharing can be done in Windows Explorer or through SecuManager, but reserved functions such as system security settings and user management can only be done using SecuManager.


Advanced tracking of SecuDesktop 2000 events such as user logons, user additions/ deletions, and failed access attempts

SecuViewer can be modified to display events related to user management and system configuration settings.

- Records user additions, deletions, and logons in the event log
- Tracks unauthorized user access attempts
- Sorts events by date, event type and other useful criteria
- Aids in troubleshooting
- Simplifies system management

Provides top administrators backup utility for SecuDesktop 2000 user database and encrypted folder information, for data recovery in the event of system problems

SecuBackup is a program for backing up all user information managed by SecuDesktop 2000 and information related to encrypted folders. Users may store data in the location of their choice, on other drives, floppy diskettes, removable disks, and recover data in the event of system problems. This feature is only available for the Top Administrator.

- Highly accurate authentication 
- Support for multiple users - Easy installation 
- User friendly interface 
- Adjustable security levels   

System Requirements 
- IBM-compatible PC 486 or later 
- Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98/95 
- USB Port or Parallel and PS/2 Port (for SecuGen® peripheral) 
- 16MB RAM - 20MB available hard disk space