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PROTEKILA has been offering a diverse range of electronics and software based information security solutions since 1991.

The first smart card R&D efforts in Turkey, developing projects on data security techniques, DES and Public Key algorithms, electronic purse, loyalty, ID card and contactless card projects are conducted in parallel with technical support and security services for banks and companies.

A new smart card, SAM and magnetic card operating module with advanced security measures is developed for the new smart card phones with ALCATEL Teletas .Also a PayPhone which has a smart card, magnetic card and 4 SAM support, powered from the phone line, is designed for Alcatel. This project was awarded with Technology Great Award '99, given by The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey.(TUBITAK), Turkish Technology Development Foundation(TTGV) and Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Society(TUSİAD) .

PROTEKILA has focused its energy on card operating system design and hardware engineering while meeting ISO7816 and EMV standards.

A smart card reader/writer module, supporting all smart cards widely excepted, designed by Protekila. The synchronous and asynchronous smart card reader, code name SR-130, is presented with the tutor program for Windows 95 /98 /NT platforms.

Having a vision, the use of smart cards will make the applications of secure commerce and banking on the internet a reality, The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) projects which are based on the security of communicated information, has taken its role in our everyday life. The Pinpad equipment designed by PROTEKILA has wide acceptance and largest share in Turkish market. The new pinpad design for Dassault also has smart card capabilities .

POS systems are utilizing the pinpad of PROTEKILA. New and advanced POS solutions are coming up with the joint efforts of the producer company and PROTEKILA

After the conducted research on the software and hardware technology of smart cards, the contactless smart card solutions intensified and our company signed a product development protocol with the MIKRON of Austria, entered PHILIPS Group later on..

Reader and writers are designed for all varieties of smart cards and different features and types of designs are presented for different microprocessor codes.

PROTEKILA shares its know-how about smart cards .Four big Turkish Banks' technical and managerial teams also many other interested from different sectors have joined our seminars. For this purpose PROTEKİLA developed a training kit consists all well known smart card application types in the world.

Trainees have a hands-on smart card application education in our central office.

A Software developer team is completed a smart card operating system called PROCOS supporting recent EMV2000 standards .

PROTEKILA'S design house-RD Department is in Istanbul Technical University Campus(www.itu.edu.tr) in a semi- technopark. It is the part of an assistance package of Turkish Industry Ministry to hi -tech research and development companies joint with universities.

The administrative head office is in Husrev Gerede Cad. 112/6 Tesvikiye Istanbul. PROTEKILA manages her import-export in her branch of AHL Free Trade Zone.