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NSHT2 is an advanced multi purpose smart card terminal gathering all main smart card reader writer features and additionally:

* Mobility 
* Low Price 
* Enables easy installation of third party applications & additional hardware with industry-standard interfaces. 
* Different Connection Preferences 
* Standard Line Supports of GSM ,WAP and     GPRS Platforms 
* Low Power Consumption 

Supporting present and future smart card applications such as: 
* National, Military ID Card and Health ID Card Terminal 
* Home Banking Terminal 
* Smart card terminal with built-in fingerprint scanner 
* Courier Delivery Terminal 

1) Finger Print Sensor:
Large 256x320 pixel capacitive sensor,
Fast Future extraction and matching 
2) USC Reader:
ISO7816 and EMV compatible 
3) Capable of handling 4 SAM modules:
4) Internal Modem:
1200/2400 baud modem connection 
5) LCD Display:
320x240 dot monochrome graphic display, 
6) Compatible with 5v and 3v cards, 
7) Dedicated Connections:
One infrared port IrDa 1.1 compatible, 
Two RS-232 channels.