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     Protekila has released NIJA Platform
Nija Script is designed to provide general scripting capabilities to smart card operated products and used to specify application content for payment devices.Many of the services that can be used with mobile clients can be implemented with Nija They can be used to support more advanced UI functions, add intelligence to the client, provide access to the device and its peripheral functionality.

NIJA Script is loosely based on ECMAScript [ECMA262] and does not require the developers to learn new concepts to be able to generate advanced services.

One objective for the Nija Script language is to be close to the core of the ECMAScript Language specification [ECMA262]. The part in the ECMAScript Language specification that defines basic types, variables, expressions and statements is called core and can almost be used "as is" for the NIJA Script specification.

Definitive Guide for NIJA Platform (pdf file)