[ Nitela Embeded Windows Opeating System ]

NEWOS designed for embeded system and has tree main parts. Kernel, Operating System and itís Applications. All time critical process are performed by the Kernel. Visual or Non-Visual Component are implemented and organized by the OS. Applications are running under Operating System via NEWOS Components.



All hard devices (Display, Com Port devices, User Input devices, ..) handled by kernel via interrupt services. The OS is being informed of user and device events by kernel messages. Kernel messages are dispatched by OS to releated Application Components. Application creating, loading, running and suspending processes are performed by the NEWOS Application Component. 


NEWOS Components are used in application programs. All components are similar to famous Window Components. Programmer can develope own applications very fast and easy. These components are listed in two groups. 

Nonvisual Components

1. Application
2. Timer
3. ComPort1
4. ComPort2
5. IrDAPort
6. Modem
7. FingerPrint
8. Cards
9. Registery

Visual Components

1. Form
2. Label
3. Edit
4. Memo
5. Button
6. CheckBox
7. RadioButton
8. ComboBox
9. Menu
10. Panel
11. RadioGroup
12. SignatureBox
13. DialogBox
14. Image
15. SoftKeyboard


NEWOS Simulator is writen under Borland C++ Builder Development Environment. NEWOS application programs can be executed under this simulator. Developer can accees the all components and execute all NEWOS Component functions (Create, Destroy, Show, Hide, Open, Close, ...).

1. Simulator Window without Debugger Operation

2. Simulator Window with Debugger Operation